Fender Squier JV Stratocaster Japan 50’s Re-issue

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JV Serial Fender Squier Jazz Bass MIJ 1984 – Amazing Condition!

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Check and accurately date your Fender Japan guitar on this page. SQ + 5 DIGITS (Squier models) First, you want to determine whether your guitar is from the JV, SQ, MIJ or CIJ series. Q: What’s the difference and how can you tell?

In the late s many American products were being sent overseas to be manufactured. Guitars were no different. Originally, the Japanese Fenders were only offered to the European market but later became available in the US. Are you confused yet? Well, I have divided these serial numbers into three main categories and wrote a little history about each one. Take a look at the tables to see how old your Japanese Fender is.

Good luck! The first Japanese models were Fender Reissues or Vintage guitars. The JV serial numbers started with JV followed by five digits. These numbers were stamped or engraved in the neck plate of Stats and basses and the bridge of Teles. The JV models also had the Made in Japan decal on either the headstock or the neck heel.

Japanese Fender Serial Numbers

Another JV!! Fiesta Red has been my guitar dream colour for years since the days of M. This one is a real beauty!

Squier jv serial number dating. For totally unjustified prices of guitars and were worldbeating value, but Japanese domestic Fender Japan decals if you want to.

Howzit, I have been offered for sale a JV Squier strat for sale. I thought JV serials were from 82 – Beautiful Sunburst colour with large Gold Squier decal and made in Japan under it. Any info available Anyone know much about this My best guess would be it was made in based upon the first digit of the serial number and keeping with the Fender serial number dating scheme. However, I could be wrong with the Squier models


This is one of the most sought after of the JV guitars Japan Vintage. This was one of the guitars that was not sold in the US. You will definitely not see one of these around quite often!

I don’t have my Squier ’82 right in front of me, but IIRC no JV Squier or My old JV Squier Jazz had a JV53xxx number with a pencil date of.

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Any Fender Japan JV experts?

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The first number following the prefix is the year. Used in early 90’s, featured the a high gloss maple neck with a slimmer 40mm body made from plywood. The plant from which the COB serial number prefix models originate remains a mystery. No documentation, or comment from the manufacturer has resolved the question of which plant produced them. Probably made by Yako Taiwan. Some Squier IIs were made in India around The serial number is printed on a sticker located on the back of the neck, close to where the neck attaches to the body.

Because the number was placed on a sticker it is fairly common for the serial number to be missing. Some more recent Squiers, including the Vintage Modified series serial numbers starting with SH , were introduced in

Squier MIJ Stratocaster CST-50 Scalloped Olympic White JV Serial 1983

These two pictures above, while not scaled together correctly to show as much of the dates as possible , show clearly the difference between a very early adjuster screw dated April 82 above left and a later one dated Sept 82 right. The later one on the right with the center hole is more true to the originals; For a comparison: See Here.

This detail is also seen on the JV Stratocaster page. Photo above left courtesy; Rod Farmer. As a point of interest, the earlier adjuster screw on the left is very similar to those fitted to the previous Greco models, and is probably the same item.

Information about serial numbers and production year Squier guitars, with decoder. DATING SQUIER GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS​. From Fender Squiers are V, , 6, JV, , 5. SQ, ​

This P-bass dates to October , so it was birthed right in the middle of this famed Japanese golden age. Basses from this period are far less numerous than Strats and Teles, so this is certainly quite the find. It’s been refinished at some point to a natural finish that’s subsequently taken a bit of a beating; have a look at the pics and the condition notes below. It’s certainly got an earthy charm to it; if you like a bass with some proudly displayed history, this certainly wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve.

The absolute hero here is the neck; it’s a gorgeous piece of birds-eye maple all the way from the tuners to the body This isn’t a minty-condition case-queen, but it’s still a historically significant instrument that’s dripping with charm and mojo. All hail the JV-P! It’s fairly obvious that this has been refinished, and given the wear on the finish, it was likely done quite some time ago.

The finish has some ‘crackling’, likely from exposure to changing temperatures at some point, which covers most of the body. There’s a lot of scuffing around the bottom edge near the rear strap pin, and some larger scratches in a few spots: near the neck plate and near the rear strap pin, on the front in the body carve area.

Not sure about this JV serial Squier – Help!

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In the early eighties when Fender went looking for an offshore manufacturer to make Fender licensed guitars they settled on a Japanese manufacturer who was making equal, or even better instruments than Fender was making in the US. This factory was making most Fender models with such precision and quality that Fender was shocked at how good they were. So, in a deal was struck and Fender Japan officially established the first official Fender guitars not made in the USA.

The first series to hit the market were the JV Japanese Vintage Fender guitars and were built from the original blueprints supplied by Fender and made in the Fujigen and Mastumoku factories by the people who had been making the Greco Fender copies. Due to demand for these new models overseas FJ decided to make a Squier series of guitars for export that would run side by side with the JV Fender series.

The Squier name had been purchased by Fender back in ’65 and was originally a string manufacturer but Fender decided to use it for their export Japanese made Fenders. At this point Squier was not a cheap, “knock off” name used by Fender for inferior quality look-a-likes but was a name they owned that could be used to differentiate the domestic product from the export one. This particular one is an SST and features a very early 70’s aesthetic.

This is not to be confused with “cheap” or cost cutting as the Japanese manufacturing of this time was second to none and all the hardware was still of great quality but could be made more cost effective in Japan, making the guitars more affordable.

JV squier value?

Squier is a musical instrument brand name owned by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Fender, under the ownership of CBS , acquired the Squier brand name in when it bought a USA based string making firm, but it lay dormant for many years [1]. Before the Fender Squier series were introduced in , Fender was making lower priced guitars such as the Fender Lead series at their Fullerton California plant. Until the introduction of the Fender Squier series, Fender had never produced lower priced guitars based on their main Stratocaster and Telecaster designs and had always used different model designs for their lower priced guitars.

In the late s and early s Fender was facing competition from lower priced Japanese made guitars.

The first Fender Japan guitars are known as the JV Fenders and JV Squiers, For Japanese Squier serial number dating, see Fender’s serial.

Order by:. Available to:. USA Fullerton pickups. You are bidding on an 80’s Fender Squier Stratocaster made in Japan. It is in great shape for its age with only a few small scratches and nicks here All the electronics appears to work fine.

Marshall JCM800 4010 and a Fender Stratocaster JV Squier Made in Japan